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  • NSMR Conference
  • NSMR Conference

Welcome to NSMR

About NSMR

NSMR is a registered non-profit organization for addressing Media Development and Democratic Issues at National and Local level in Sri Lanka.

The mandate and mission of NSMR emanate from the Assessment of the Media Industry and Professionalism in Sri Lanka.

Firstly, its mandate is to facilitate the development of Media Policy, Media Industry and Media Literacy by keeping Sri Lankan society under review and bringing emerging issues to the attention of policy makers, media industry and citizens, for action.

Secondly it has to facilitate the development of Freedom of Expression, Media Pluralism, Media Diversity and Media Accountability.

Contact us: secretariat@nsmr.org


“ A media landscape which corroborates freedom of expression with editorial independence, pluralistic outlook, diversity, openness and accountability which will strengthen the democratic course of action in Sri Lanka”.

Mission Statement

to pressurize the restructuring of media in Sri Lanka for media development and to nurture informed, reflective, critical and engaged citizens necessary for an active democratic society.


To prepare an environment where the role entrusted to media in a democratic society can be performed more effectively and productively.

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